Hangzhou Jireh standard group building activities

In order to improve the familiarity and assistance ability among the team, and to make the relationship between the staff closer, and to make everyone feel the warmth of home, Hangzhou Jireh Standard has carefully prepared this autumn group building activity in Moganshan Sky Forest Valley.

We departed from the company and arrived at the destination of this group building after about an hour's drive - Moganshan Sky Forest Valley.

First came the long-awaited Frisbee activity, equipped with a competition of skill and speed. Under the organization of the coach, everyone enthusiastically participated in the Frisbee sport.

The lawn was full of laughter, as if the happiness saved for many days was released on this day.

After dinner, we started our outdoor activities, including the Aerial Adventure Tower, Luge Scooter, Rainbow Slide, Sky Gondola, Rafting, Aerial Plunge...the list goes on and on!

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