China pesticide registration


According to the relevant provisions of the "Pesticide Management Regulations", China implements a pesticide registration system. Enterprises exporting pesticides to China shall complete the corresponding pesticide registration test specified in the "Requirements for Pesticide Registration Information". 

In addition, all application materials provided by applicants will be reviewed by the pesticide inspection agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA)and the pesticide registration review committee before final approval.


◆ Pesticide manufacturers

◆ Developers of new pesticides

◆ Enterprises that export pesticides to China

▌Our services 

◆ Pesticide registration agent

◆ Feasibility Analysis

◆ Test arrangement

◆ Dossier preparation and submission

◆ Information update and renewal

◆ Application for validity period extension

◆ Risk assessment report preparation

▌Our advantages

  1. Outstanding assessment researches

    ◆ One of the leading team engaged in pesticide risk assessment research in China is at your service;

    ◆ Familiar with the pesticide risk assessment technology in EU, USA, China;

    ◆ Providing all-in-one risk assessment services that are tailored for your pesticide registration;

    ◆ reducing unnecessary tests and arrange high level tests in a timely manner.

  2. Unique registration strategy and risk analysis 

    ◆ Helping enterprises to carry out global registration layout with our knowledge of the registration data and GLP requirements of major countries around the world;

    ◆ Providing accurate pre-analysis including registration type determination and the corresponding experimental design;

    ◆ Offering custom-made registration plan with the help our deep understanding of relevant regulations and latest updates related to China pesticide registration.

  3. Time saving and cost control

    ◆ Simplify test arrangements using data reduction and exemption rules;

    ◆ Accelerate the data acquisition process via current data authorization principles;

    ◆ Complete registration in the most economical and efficient way with the help of the “Me-too product identification principle”.

  4. Test arrangement and report audit

    ◆ Extensive experience in the formulation of test plan and test arrangement process for efficacy and residue;

    ◆ Effective communication with the test units to handle common problems;

    ◆ Reasonable test arrangement based on the time and cost required for each test to be completed.

  5. Rich registration experience

    ◆ Rich experience in new pesticide technical materials and formulation registration;

    ◆ Fully understand review processes carried out by the pesticide inspection department of MARA;

    ◆ Have completed hundreds of client engagements .

  6. QSAR service

    ◆ The earliest team dedicated to non-testing method services in China;

    ◆ Cost control by applying non-test methods to obtain pesticide active ingredient and impurity toxicity data.

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