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We are an regulatory consulting company under Jireh Science and Technology Group. We have branches in other areas of china including Beijing, Shandong, and Kunming, other than that, we also have international offices located at Finland, South Korea and the United States.

We are familiar with compliance registration requirement of both domestic and international markets. We have developed cooperations with hundreds of companies including China's top 500 enterprises enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and international groups and are determined to provides professional regulatory solutions for production, domestic sales and import and export businesses of our customers.

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At Jireh Standard, we offer full-service chemical consulting. Our company is a consultancy with expertise in the fields of physical chemistry, (eco-)toxicology and chemicals legislation. we are committed to provide professional regulatory solutions to companies worldwide. We ensure compliance and market access for our clients, applying our breadth of knowledge to the business complexities of a broad range of topics.
As the first computational toxicology technical service organization in China to enter commercial application, Elar Standard has completed more than 100 projects in pesticide impurity toxicity prediction, pharmaceutical impurity toxicity prediction, new chemical substance toxicity prediction, QSAR model construction, molecular docking and other fields. In the past few years, we have actively participated in the promotion of computational toxicology, participated in organizing national computational toxicology training for many times, participated in international computational toxicology academic conferences on behalf of the country, and founded the first professional computational toxicology service network platform in China.
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GET IN CONTACT with our team
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