Hangzhou Jireh SmartChem Established

Congratulations on the official establishment of Hangzhou Jireh SmartChem Technology Co!


This is the technical platform of Sino-Israeli Testing in the intersection of artificial intelligence and chemistry, which will undertake the work in the fields of computational toxicology, computational chemistry and computational biology certified by Sino-Israeli Testing, such as technical services of big data modeling and prediction, software development, data mining, etc.; computational technical services of molecular simulation, quantum computing, cloud computing, etc.; environmental health safety data prediction of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, etc.; chemical The technical services such as efficacy data prediction of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, etc.; pollutant toxicity prediction, etc.

The Computational Toxicology team (Computational Toxicology Division of Hangzhou Jireh Standard Technology Co., Ltd.) has been focusing on the chemical field for a long time, adhering to the spirit of specialization, deep roots, and has carried out fruitful innovation work in many market segments and achieved leading performance in the market.

In the field of basic application innovation, China-Israel Detection has also made promising progress in the past few years, and participated in the national key R&D program in the field of computational toxicology led by Dalian University of Technology, with the participation of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University and other units.

China-Israel Detection has continued to promote the popularization of computational toxicology in China, using professional computational toxicology websites and public numbers for publicity, offering public courses to disseminate professional skills, and conducting more extensive international exchanges and continuing to publicize the development of China's computational toxicology career at international conferences for many years.

After the establishment of the new platform company, China-Israel Testing will further strengthen the team and technical capacity building based on the previous work, enhance the communication and learning with domestic and international counterparts, and contribute to the development of China's applied computational toxicology career.

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