Service Network

The company adheres to the impartial status and independent legal status of the third party of the inspection organization, and provides inspection services to all sectors of society.
The company carries out testing services in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, accreditation, certification standards and relevant technical standards;
Professional and technical personnel conduct rigorous, conscientious and independent evaluation and evaluation of results to ensure that the quality of management and employees' work is not subject to internal and external factors, economic and other economic pressures and adverse effects;
The company guarantees the confidentiality of the customer's technical data and data, does not leak, and is not used for the company's technology development, consulting and other work;
The company's personnel shall not engage in any activities that affect the impartiality of the company;
In order to protect the interests of customers, the company accepts the quality review and supervision of customers and all sectors of the society and all employees of the company at any time for the above statements;


Scientific, fair, high quality and efficient.
Provide accurate, reliable and timely test results, serve customers, and have guiding significance for the company.
The company promises:

1. The detection standard uses a correct rate of 100%;
2. The accuracy of the test data is ≥99.9%;
3. The correct rate of the test report is 100%;
4. The timely rate of test reports is ≥99.0% and above (there may be uncertainties such as time difference);
5. Customer satisfaction rate is 100.0%;
6. The complaint investigation processing rate is 100%.