The Importance of China's New Chemical Compliance to the Global Supply Chain

2022-08-19 14:00





China as the world's second largest economy, the world's leading exporter and consumer of chemical products, the implementation of the approach will undoubtedly be China's import and export trade of chemical products, especially for new chemical products (for example: some pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, fluorosilicon chemicals, lithium battery raw materials), resulting in a huge impact.

  • Tommas Huang
    Manager of Hangzhou Jireh Standard New Chemical Division
    He has 8 years of experience in the industry and is proficient in foreign chemical regulations, Chinese new substance registration management methods, hazardous chemicals, global GHS and other regulatory content. He has participated in dozens of foreign REACH and Chinese new substance registration projects, and has provided professional consulting solutions to hundreds of domestic chemical companies and helped them solve practical compliance problems. He has rich practical experience in data gap analysis, development of registration strategy, program production, test supervision, and regulatory response.
  • Agenda

    (1) the latest Order 12 regulatory developments released

    (2) The most comprehensive interpretation of the management requirements under Decree 12

    (3) The most cutting-edge supply chain impact case sharing



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