Turkey KKDIK regulation updates and corporate response strategies

2022-05-10 14:00





The deadline for both pre-registration and full registration under Turkey's KKDIK regulations is December 31, 2023. Full registration is now in full swing!

Relevant companies need to complete the pre-registration and formal registration as soon as possible within the deadline. After the deadline, if companies have not completed the formal registration of chemical substances, they will not be able to export their products to the Turkish market and will have to suspend trade until the formal registration is completed before they can continue exporting.

  • Danni Li
    Regulatory Technical Consultant
    With many years of experience in R&D and quality management in chemical related fields, familiar with global chemical related regulations in various countries, rich experience in registration services and comprehensive chemical analysis capabilities, we have provided compliance consulting services for hundreds of domestic enterprises, assisted enterprises to develop compliance response plans according to export region regulations and substance situations, and completed registration and certification services for dozens of enterprises in different countries.
  • Agenda

    (1) Progress of KKDIK regulations and regulatory requirements in Turkey

    (2) Introduction to the process and strategies for dealing with KKDIK compliance

    (3) Practical case exercises



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