UK REACH regulation updates and business response strategies

2022-05-31 14:00





At present, the transitional provisions of UK REACH are nearing the end and need to start formal registration! Companies that have obtained a DUIN notification number need to complete formal registration by the respective registration deadlines. Companies that are unable to carry out DUIN notification need to start formal registration immediately.

If the registered substance is an "existing substance" that has already been registered by any company under EU REACH, you can temporarily skip the "data fee purchase" step in the registration process and obtain a UK REACH registration number quickly.

  • Doris Wang
    Regulatory Technical Consultant
    She is good at research and project management of global REACH series such as EU REACH, UK-REACH and US TSCA, good at using chemical and analytical expertise combined with regulations to give professional solutions, familiar with REACH registration process and operation, good at global GHS/MSDS, consumer product testing and other related areas of compliance services, has provided technical services for the registration and certification projects of many domestic chemical and lithium battery export enterprises.
  • Agenda

    (1) Progress of UK-REACH regulation and regulatory requirements

    (2) Introduction to the process of UK-REACH compliance related to enterprises

    (3) Strategies to deal with UK-REACH compliance requirements



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