Introduction to Shandong Chemical Exports Enterprise Service Platform 

In 2018, Shandong Chemical Exports Enterprise Service Platform approved by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, is set up in Shandong society chemistry and chemical engineering. Jireh Science and Technology Group provide technical support as the only cooperative unit.

"Service platform" is the first one which aimed at providing Shandong chemical industry enterprise with regulation research, track advocacy and response services in the process of production, management, trade, overseas investment and so on. It makes contributions to transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry in Shandong province, especially to promotion system for the major projects of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong province.

Main responsibilities of the service platform include:

1、Organize chemical export enterprises to study relevant trade barrier framework, influence and countermeasures;

2、Assist chemical enterprises in the process of international trade to deal with the consultation, dossier production and submission of relevant barriers of destination countries (such as European Union REACH, k-reach of South Korea, etc.) to ensure the compliance export of products;

3、Assist chemical enterprises in benchmarking international advanced standards and management system, improve enterprise management level and product international competitiveness;

4、Track the laws and regulations of each country, sorting out the response measures, and making early warning and relevant response plans for relevant enterprises;

5、Build a bridge of communication and cooperation between chemical enterprises, governments and foreign regulatory bodies and trade associations;

6、Carry out the related work arranged by Department of Commerce and assist to complete the policy support of the service platform.