We can provide monitoring services for companies involved in environmental monitoring:

    1. Soil and substrate testing:
    Selenium, zinc, cadmium, lead, copper, chromium, arsenic, potassium, mercury, fluoride, total nitrogen, water soluble, acid soluble, sulfate, etc.

    2.  Physical factor detection:
    Noise, vibration, electric ceramic power field strength, high frequency electromagnetic field strength, laser radiation, environmental X, Y radiation dose rate, alpha, beta surface pollution.

    3. Water and wastewater:
    • ▪ a metal such as hexavalent chromium, total chromium, copper, zinc, selenium or manganese;
    • ▪ Conductivity, color, turbidity, suspended matter, water temperature, dissolved oxygen and other parameters;
    • ▪ Inorganic substances such as total phosphorus, sulfides, and fluorides;
    • ▪ Stupid, toluene, chlorobenzene, acrylonitrile, ethylbenzene, formaldehyde, pyridine and other organic  substances;
    • ▪ The total number of colonies, microorganisms such as fecal coliforms;
    • ▪ Pesticide such as deltamethrin, hexachlorocyclohexane, DDT, and organophosphorus.

    4. Ambient air and exhaust:
    TSP, PM10, PM2.5, Nitrogen oxides, ozone, benzenes, acetates, acetone, chloroform, vinyl chloride,  trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, chromium, lead, copper, and the like.

    5. microorganism:
    Fecal coliforms, plankton, parasitic eggs, total number of colonies(total number of bacteria), Salmonella, total coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and the like.

    Water environment quality testing

    Water quality testing service - water environment quality testing

    Hubei Jireh has passed the CMA measurement certification of 168 environmental water quality testing projects. We have the ability to provide quality services to the government and enterprises in the field of water environmental protection, and promote the sustainable development of economy, society and enterprises.
    Water pollutant emission test
    Atmospheric environmental quality test
    Atmospheric fixed source pollutant emission test
    Indoor air quality testing
    Building and indoor vibration testing
    Radiation environment detection
    Soil environmental quality testing
    Solid waste identification service
    Dioxin detection