REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction Chemicals) is an EU regulation on the registration assessment and authorization of chemicals (EC) No. 1907/2006. The law came into force in the European Union in 2008. It is applicable to all chemicals,mixtures and articles which obtain chemical substances exported to the EU in quantities of more than one tonne a year. It involves chemicals, textiles, clothing, electronics, toys, light workers, cars, pharmaceuticals and other industries. REACH requires manufacturers, distributors and importers of industrial chemicals to register with the European chemicals regulatory agency (ECHA) to prove the safety of their products before trading, including product information, toxicity data, and use-based risk assessment.

    Our service

    • REACH registration service
    • REACH only representative (OR) agent service
    • Turn the OR service
    • Third party technical support services
    • SIEF management services
    • Development exposure scenario (ES)
    • Experimental strategy and test supervision
    • Data gap analysis service
    • Extended Safety data sheet (eSDS) production service
    • SVHC notification service
    • Material authorization application service
    • REACH regulations training service
    • EU REACH regulation enforcement inspection response service
    • QSAR/Read across/ expert declaration service

    REACH official registration service

    1.Analysis and judgment registration obligations of registered substance, prepare the proposal. 
    2.Material identification test supervision, obtain spectrum results and analysis
    3.Confirmation of use and downstream communication
    4.SME certification data preparation (if the registered company is SME scale)
    5.Create inquire dossier  and get the inquire results
    6.Conduct SIEF communication with the lead registrant, pay the fee, purchase LoA and get Token
    Complete the joint dossier and submit the dossier
    7.Payment of administrative fees
    8.Pass on the registration number, export trade compliance 
    9.Maintain and develop the EU market with the registration number
    10.Post-registration maintenance work, tonnage coverage certification, importer regulatory issue response, response to ECHA enforcement inspection 

    REACH only representative (OR) agency service

    Our Finnish branch, Red Orchid Consulting Oy Ltd., has only representative (OR) qualification. It is located in Finland, the official location of ECHA. We have a professional technical team and are the only REACH regulation technical service organization appointed by the European Finnish Chamber of Commerce. We are able to provide the following OR agency services:

    1.Help the enterprise to confirm the registered substances;
    2.Guide registered enterprises to collect information: SME confirmation, substance identification test, use information, importer list, etc.;
    3.ECHA and official communication between countries;
    4.SIEF communication, purchase data, data evaluation, dossier creation and submission, etc.
    5.The registered company needs confidential information to be strictly confidential;
    6.Post-registration maintenance work, including tonnage coverage certificate issue, importer REACH regulatory issue response, ECHA enforcement inspection response, and ongoing SIEF communication.

    SIEF Management Service

    1.Registered companies should participate in the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF)
    2.Share experimental data to share registration costs, Registration is completed in the form of a joint submission.
    3.Conduct SIEF communication with the lead registrant, pay the fee, purchase the LoA, obtain the Token, continue the SIEF dynamic follow-up, pass the information that data fees more return less fill, and pass on the LR dossier  evaluation and response to it.

    SVHC notification service

    Obligation analysis and judgment, assist enterprises to collect materials, create and submit dossier, tracking response after registration.

    REACH Training Service

    1. Special training on regulations   
    2. Advanced training on regulations (specific regulations training in stages)
    3. Regulatory targeted training (customized according to customer needs)

    QSAR/Read across/Expert Claim Service

    QSAR analysis

    1. Use different existing model software to make predictions and improve the reliability of prediction results
    2. New model development based on material and predictive properties
    3. Evaluate the reliability, effectiveness and regulatory applicability of the forecast results in accordance with OECD guidelines
    4. QSAR prediction report (QMRF, QPRF, IUCLID) is issued according to ECHA requirements

    Read-across analysis

    1. Find similars based on the structure and properties of the target compound
    2. Query the database to query the toxicological and ecotoxicological data of the reference substance
    3. Predicting the properties of target compounds using read-across
    4. Issue a read-across forecast report based on RAAF requirements

    Prediction node

    Physical and chemical properties
    Ecological toxicology and environmental behavior
    7.2 Melting point
    8.1 Fish bioconcentration factor
    9.1.1 Large cockroach short-term toxicity
    7.3 Boiling point
    8.2 Acute eye irritation
    9.1.2 Algae growth inhibition toxicity
    7.4 Relative density
    8.3 Skin allergenicity
    9.1.3 Short-term toxicity of fish
    7.5 Vapor Pressure
    8.4.1 Bacterial reversion
    9.1.5 Long-term toxicity
    7.6 Surface Tension
    8.4.2 Chromosomal aberration toxicity
    9.1.6 Long-term toxicity of fish
    7.7 Water solubility
    8.4.4 In vitro mutation test Rapid biodegradation
    7.8 Octanol water partition coefficient

    8.5.1 Acute oral toxicity hydrolysis
    7.9 Flash point
    8.7.2 Developmental toxicity during pregnancy
    9.3.1Soil adsorption coefficient
    7.16 Dissociation constant in water

    8.9 Carcinogenicity

    9.3.2 Fish bioconcentration factor