Eller Technology is committed to being the world's leading third-party testing organization. Serving customers is our first mission. We are committed to:

1. Listening to 365 days a year, the first time rushed to the scene
2. All samples are delivered to the central laboratory within 24 hours and processed effectively
3. All large-scale testing equipment adopts the most advanced equipment in the world
4. All samples are analyzed using the current internationally most authoritative standard method, and the standard use rate is 100%.
5. The accuracy of the experimental test data is ≥99.9% (there is a minimum error of non-human factors)
6. All personnel can pass the training after passing the strict training.
7. The accuracy rate of the third-party testing (evaluation) report is 100%, and the time rate is ≥99.0% and above.
8. Customer satisfaction rate is 100%, complaint investigation processing rate is 100%