The international conference on QSAR was held at Bled, Jireh Standard was invited to attend and give keynote speeches
View: Date:2018-08-13

On June 11-15,2018,18th International Conference on QSAR in Environmental and Health Sciences, QSAR2018 was held in Bled, Slovenia. Liu yuchen, technical expert of QSAR of Hangzhou Jireh Standard Co., Ltd, was invited to attend the meeting and gave an oral presentation on the topic of "application status of QSAR in China".

The report was introduced the application of QSAR in China from three aspects, including regulation, scientific research and enterprise application, making many participants sigh over the rapid development of QSAR in China. In addition, QSAR CHINA, a Chinese non-testing service set up by Jireh Standard, and the public account platform of Xiao liu talk about QSAR has attracted great interest from attendees. Officials from the calculation, evaluation and promotion department of the European chemical management agency have given great recognition and recognition to the unique perspective and promoting significance of the platform.

At present, regulatory requirements are still the first driving force of QSAR application. The regulatory authorities, research institutes and enterprises should strengthen the communication between each other and improve the understanding of QSAR technology and application. Jireh standard will be committed to the promotion and application of QSAR technology in China, providing professional support and assistance for enterprise compliance, research and development.


QSAR2018 is an international symposium that has been held every two years since 1983. The meeting mainly discussed the research progress and application of computational simulation methods such as QSAR, read-across and AOP in the fields of regulation, enterprise research and development and risk assessment. Participants and reporters are from ECHA, JRC, EPA and FDA, health and environmental research institutes in France, Germany, Italy and Japan, and universities and chemical and daily chemical enterprises from all over the world.