What is SVHC, a high concern for EU importers and EU officials?
View: Date:2018-08-13

SVHC, the abbreviation of Substance of Very High Concern, is a kind of hazardous Substance under the EU REACH regulation. According to Article 57 of REACH regulation, substances with hazard classification (CMR 1A/1B, PBT, vPvB, substances with high concern for serious health or environment, such as endocrine disruptors) will gradually be listed into the SVHC substance list by EU authorities. The SVHC substance list is also a candidate list for authorization, that is, the substance on the SVHC list will be included in the authorization list step by step. Once it is included, it is necessary to fulfill the authorization obligations under EU REACH regulations.

The SVHC list is currently 191 items. High frequency domain is rubber product, plastic product, resin product, glass product, ceramic product, metal product, leather product, textile, battery, wire and cable, article with glue, article with paint, article with ink, etc. Industry involved: electronic appliances, cars, building materials, paper industry, toys, supplies, and so on. ECHA put substances mentioned above which have hazard classification in the SVHV list. The last of the 10 substances listed in batch 19th on 27 June. Available at ECHA official search: https://echa.europa.eu/candidate-list-table

All exports of substances, mixtures and articles to the EU may be subject to the obligations. All export enterprises, especially those exporting articles and mixtures, shall carry out SVHC test at the request of downstream users or consciously comply with REACH regulations to determine whether the products contain SVHC substances and contents, so as to clarify their compliance. If the content exceeds the limit, further compliance operation shall be conducted according to relevant regulations.

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1. SVHC obligation analysis and judgment
2. Supervision of SVHC test (mixture, article or material of article)
3. Compliance statement
4. SVHC exemption notification statment
5. SVHC notification
6. (e)SDS