8.1 global REACH regulation seminar of Zibo chemical export enterprises was successfully held
View: Date:2018-08-13
On the afternoon of August 1, 2018, the "Zibo chemical export enterprise global REACH regulation seminar" was smoothly held in the Zibo bureau of commerce in Shandong province. This conference is organized by Zibo council for trade promotion, co-organized by Jireh Science and Technology Group and provided technical support.

Jireh standard experts introduce the impact of REACH regulations on the business operation of enterprises and the subsequent regulatory changes to the enterprises participating in the conference, provide strategic guidance for the Zibo chemical export enterprises to cope with REACH regulations. 

Secretary-general of the old Shandong association for science and technology innovation venture committee Li Jianghua, secretary-general of Shandong Institute of electronic information accounting Zhang ZhongXia, vice-chairman of Zibo council for trade promotion Sun Jianbo, director of certification apartment of Zibo council for trade promotion Zhai YuZhen, Minister of the general affairs department of Zibo council for trade promotion  Wu Shi feng and representative of Zibo chemical export enterprises attended the meeting.

EU REACH regulation is the most complex on chemical management so far. The enforcement of REACH regulation has had a serious impact on China and the global chemical industry. Starting from June 1, 2018, chemicals with an annual export of more than one tonne must be registered REACH before they enter the EU market. At the same time, the management of chemicals in various countries has become increasingly strict. South Korea's environment ministry issued an executive order of K-REACH, and the export of chemicals to South Korea from January 1, 2019 also requires pre-registration.

In order to assist the chemical industry export and related enterprises to timely understand the latest changes and regulatory requirements of REACH regulations in various countries and regions around the world, and to do a good job in product compliance, technical experts of Jireh standard made detailed regulatory reports and conducted Q&A. The main topics are as follows: 1. How do chemical export enterprises effectively respond to EU REACH after pre-registration invalid? 2. Other obligations after EU REACH registration-dossier update and ESDS production;3. Impact of Korean K-REACH on chemical export enterprises and countermeasures.

Each participating enterprise studied the expert's explanation content earnestly, and proposed the question which was been encountered in the reality, according to the actual combat experience the experts of Jireh Standard gave the thorough dissection solution one by one, the discussion spot communication atmosphere is quite warm. The participating enterprises said that the meeting was very meaningful and helped them to solve the problems encountered in REACH registration, providing practical help and support for enterprises to make faster transformation and better "go out" to participate in international trade.