Jireh Standard and SEBE contract to carry out strategic cooperation
View: Date:2018-06-26

On June 15, 2018, SEBE signed a business cooperation agreement with Jireh Standard. The signing will strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two companies, and help both sides further improve overall operational efficiency and create greater business value.

SEBE channel director Xiang kejiang and Hangzhou Jireh marketing director Li tonglei, Lin yijie

Hangzhou SEBE intellectual property service co., ltd. is the executive director of the anti-infringement and counterfeiting innovation strategy alliance, and specifically undertakes the work of intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeiting rights protection of the alliance, as well as the operation support of the open intellectual property protection platform created for the construction of social co-governance. It is also a service provider of Alibaba's "intellectual property innovation protection platform",and is committed to providing intellectual property protection services, such as trademarks, patents and Copyrights, to large and medium-sized enterprises through the combination of online and offline.

Jireh standard is a third-party regulatory technical service company with independent legal person qualification. Focusing on the market access of product import and export trade, Jireh standard helps enterprises to solve the compliance problems of national laws and regulations required for products to be put into the market, it provides product registration service, covering the industries of chemicals, pesticides, food and consumer goods. Relying on the powerful marketing network layout of Jireh Science and Technology Group in China, as well as the in-depth penetration of Jireh Inspection and safety services in China's industries such as industry, food, biology, etc., as well as the high-level expert technical team of Jireh standard itself, it provides domestic and foreign enterprises with high-quality, efficient and high-quality legal standard technical services.

In the signing ceremony, the two sides reach a consensus, common use of modern technology and market operating mechanism, based on the enterprise development needs and have their own platform service system, jointly promote the development for the enterprise to provide the compliance, testing, risk assessment, and other professional services and the protection of intellectual property rights (including but not limited to, trademark, copyright, patent right verification, rights, authorization, in the field of Internet applications), jointly build a credible enterprise ecological system of intellectual property right.

Regarding this cooperation, both parties indicated that this strategic agreement is not only conducive to the establishment of sustained and stable cooperative relations between enterprises of both sides, but also beneficial to the long-term development of enterprises of both sides. We firmly believe that the long sleeve dance of Jireh standard and SEBE in their respective fields will bring more surprises and possibilities to the cooperation and development of each other.