Jireh Standard was invited to attend the celebration of the Philippine consulate general in Xiamen-talking about One Belt and One Road cooperation
View: Date:2018-06-19
On the evening of June 12, the Philippine consulate general in Xiamen held a reception celebrating the 120th anniversary of the independence of the republic of the Philippines with the theme of "strive for change, create a prosperous future". Jireh Standard was invited to attend the reception and received by consul general Fu xinwei of Philippine consulate general in Xiamen. Mr. Liu qiangli, marketing director of Jireh Science and Technology Group, Mr. Zhou wei, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Jireh standard technology co., LTD., and Mr. Li tonglei, marketing director, attended the event as representatives.

Third from left is the Philippine consulate general in Xiamen, consul general Fu xinwei

Jireh Science and Technology Group is Chinese local Comprehensive quality technical service institutions, Focus on production, products and global trade, and For enterprises, government and public service organizations and other customers, Improve comprehensive solutions in the areas of environment, food, health, safety disaster reduction and trade technology compliance, such as testing, evaluation and technical consultation.

As one of the members of the group, as a leading domestic trade compliance consulting institution, we are committed to providing regulatory compliance services for domestic and foreign enterprises in "One Belt and One Road" international trade, and building a trading and investment platform for enterprises.