The Environmental Chemistry and Predictive Toxicology Session was successfully concluded
View: Date:2018-01-26

On October 20, 2017, the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry was successfully held at the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. The conference centered on "Innovation and Sustainable Development of Environmental Chemistry", fully reflecting the purpose of "innovation, participation, cooperation, and forward-looking", promoting the sustainable development of environmental chemistry disciplines, and promoting cooperation in academic research at home and abroad. At the conference, thousands of experts from the industry, scholars and graduate students attended the conference. Everyone had an in-depth communication and exchange on the latest research results in the field of environmental chemistry and the future direction of the discipline development.

The picture shows the opening ceremony of the conference

The picture shows the grand event

The conference lasted for three days and was set up in 41 research areas covering a variety of topics (analysis, monitoring related fields, toxicology, health related fields, gas, water, soil, solid waste related fields, environmental chemistry topics, talents and exchanges). 

Among them, the Environmental Computing Chemistry and Predicting Toxicology Branch, sponsored by Hangzhou Jireh Standard Co., Ltd., was held simultaneously on October 21-22. The branch revolves around new chemical screening and toxicity prediction tool development, chemical environmental behavior and exposure simulation predictions, chemical adverse outcome pathways and computational toxicology, chemical high-throughput in vitro testing techniques, independent genomics, proteomics The research on predictive toxicology and other aspects. The meeting was convened by Professor Chen Jingwen of Dalian University of Technology, Researcher Zhang Aizhen from the Center for Eco-Environmental Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr. Zhuang Shulin from Zhejiang University School of Environment. They were from Dalian University of Technology, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University, Shandong University, North China Electric Power University, Guangdong University of Technology. Dozens of experts and scholars from well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad, such as the National Nano Research Center and Hunan University, attended the event. At the meeting, Professor Chen Jingwen from Dalian University of Technology, Professor Zhu Benzhan from the Institute of Eco-Environmental Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Guo Lianghong, Zhang Aizhen, and Professor An Taicheng from Guangdong University of Technology gave a wonderful report.

The picture shows Professor Chen Jingwen from Dalian University of Technology

Zhang Aijun, Researcher, Institute of Eco-Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

During the coffee break, the participants showed a high interest in the non-test service network launched by the Jireh standard. They actively talked with the staff of Jireh standard, and conducted QSAR prediction, molecular docking, molecular simulation, non-test training and other company business. In-depth communication was carried out, and the staff of Jireh standard staff responded with enthusiasm.

The picture shows the delegates communicating with the staff of Jireh Standand

At the same time, some industry experts also put forward their own suggestions on the non-test service network and the development direction of Jireh standard in non-testing, and encouraged all the staff present to make persistent efforts to make the non-test service network one of the best test service platforms in the country.